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Lou Pinet : Two bars in Saint-Tropez

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Discover the ultimate experience at the Lou Pinet Hotel in Saint-Tropez. Every moment becomes a celebration of gastronomy, relaxation and French elegance, with 2 bars that are designed to take you on a gustatory journey from lunch to dinner.

Designed as an ideal vacation home, Hotel Lou Pinet offers an intimate setting, conducive to relaxation and escape, whilst retaining the charm of the bustling electric Saint-Tropez. With 2 bars and an indoor bar, the hotel is the ideal place to meet at any time of the day. By the pool or at cocktail hour, enjoy impeccable service and taste the signature cocktails and sushi bar in Saint-Tropez. Hotel Lou Pinet is ideal for long lunch breaks or evenings when you take the time to enjoy the atmosphere of the night and your friends. Immerse yourself in the French art of living with a journey to one of the Pariente Collection in Saint-Tropez.



Cosy and bright, the indoor bar is the ideal meeting point for family and friends throughout the day. Bathed in natural light, this bar in Saint-Tropez welcomes you in a calm, relaxing and, above all, warm setting. Here, the soft and sunny colors are mixed with the delicacy of the materials and the softness of the fabrics. Dried flowers and flamboyant patterns decorate the space which surrounds the central bar, which is made entirely out of marble. Like a typical Provençal lounge, the Lou Pinet bar is the perfect spot for a relaxing break. A la carte? Order a delicious fresh homemade juice (made from locally sourced fruits) or succumb to one of our smoothies that are made on site. Later in the afternoon, enjoy one of our signature cocktails, creations that only our bartenders know how to make.

Afterwards, head to the terrace of our iconic Beefbar restaurant to enjoy dinner under a starry sky. Far from the hustle and bustle of the Saint-Tropez clubs, Lou Pinet, and its bars are a haven of peace that is just a stone's throw from the village's port and its mythical beaches, Pampelonne and Ramatuelle. In fact, at the Lou Pinet Bar, Pampelonne and La Madrague are no longer just beaches but come to transport travelers as they are the muse to Lou Pinet’s signature cocktails.

It's the South that sings in the menu of the Bar du Lou Pinet: Escalet, Pitchoun, Fougasse, Canoubiers... become odes to your starry evenings, with you almost picturing your feet in the sand. The art of the cocktail is present here and the two hotel bars compliment each other perfectly to make you enjoy an evening or a vacation with a unique atmosphere.


Imagine yourself sitting comfortably by Lou Pinet's beautiful pool in an enchanting setting, surrounded by a secret garden with Mediterranean scents and soft sunlight. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing, allowing you to escape from the stresses of daily life. Outside, the terraces of the sushi bar and the restaurant are wonderfully inviting to relax and socialize. All you have to do is savour the experience of having arrived in a lost paradise, of finding a long-awaited forgotten tranquility, of finally taking a breath away from the daily grind.

Sheltered by a wooden pergola, the bar with terrace faces a large umbrella pine that protects the tables from the sun with its soft shade. In the evening, enjoy delicious sushi with a summer cocktail overlooking the pool. Surrounded by large stone terraces and decorated with large red umbrellas, the pool is the perfect place to spend a day lounging in the sun. Refresh yourself with a nourishing fruit juice between dips, or during your endless sunbathing. After a day at the beach, enjoy an aperitif with a cocktail prepared by our bartenders. Choose a refreshing tropical fruit cocktail with subtle hints of lime and fresh mint. With your first sip, you are transported to distant beaches, where the sun shines and the air is filled with exotic notes. Each sip is a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, with an invigorating freshness that awakens your senses. The present moment becomes a true moment of pleasure, where you let yourself go to the sweetness of life and the quietness of the environment.

In the evening, the garden is illuminated with garlands and lanterns for a magical evening under the stars. As the sun begins to decline, the sushi bar comes alive with the sound of shakers in a hushed atmosphere. After a day of enjoying the tranquility of the terrace and fashioning a complexion tanned by the radiant sun, it's time to join the atmosphere of the lounge bar. With passion, the team of bartenders, trained in the art of mixology, create tasty cocktails to surprise you with spectacular associations. On the menu of this cocktail bar, taste the signature creations or choose the loyal favourites, between mojitos and Gin & Tonic which are always served fresh.

The idyllic setting and ambiance of the Lou Pinet Hotel in Saint Tropez creates an unforgettable experience. It's the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxury and pamper yourself in a haven of peace, making one savour their every moment.


Hotel Lou Pinet opened its doors on April 27, 2023. For more information or to book your stay, visit our website or contact our reservations team at or by phone at +33 (0) 4 94 97 04 37


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